Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock: Travelling from our star to our next-door-neighbour star, proxima centauri, travelling at ten and a half miles a second, will take seventy-six thousand years! So even if there is life out there, the problem is getting out there.

Karen: Yeah, which is why I wish the TARDIS was real.

Me too, Karen, me too.

From Doctor Who Confidential, Series 5 Episode 11: Extra Time

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For normal people this is a day of social interaction like parties, being with friends, and enjoying the company of others…


But today there’s a Doctor Who marathon, and though I’ve seen all the episodes before… it’s a day ofZERO social contact with people (even the ones in my house). Phone’s turned off, logging out of all social networking sites, no movement allowed unless commercials and absolutely no talking allowed today


Sorry friends, I love you but this doesn’t happen everyday <3


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